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Nobody Told Me - The Beatles - 20 Years Of Beatles Solo Hits

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  1. If we told you that The Beatles scored a top 20 single in —the year that they broke in America—that’s been all but forgotten, you’d rightfully be skeptical. All of the Beatles’ hits are still loved and known inside out and upside down, you’d say to yourself.
  2. I've only just finished exploring the Beatles solo catalogue and while it's nowhere near as strong as the band was together, there are many gems. If you think I forgot a song, I probably didn't, but you can check in and see in the comments.
  3. Using songs from The Beatles or their solo careers, put together a new Beatles album. And give it a name if you want! Nobody Told Me seems to speak to what he finds once he is outside. He speaks to us about how much things have changed and how eerie humanity and the world can be. For 10 years The Beatles left us with the idea of the.
  4. The Beatles AND Solo - Singles (in Date Order) Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.
  5. Jan 21,  · The Beatles ‎– 20 Greatest Hits Label: Parlophone ‎– PCTC The Beatles: 20 Greatest Hits edited over 6 years ago. Release notes: 1. Due to the tracks and thus times and GPI, the groove spiral is very very close (tight) and shallow and the audio has had to seriously compromise in both volume and bass which do suffer from lack /5(79).
  6. In the seven years the Beatles recorded together, they created amazing music. I've previously listed the Top Beatles songs and a few weeks ago listed all the Beatles solo singles. Today I present my Top Beatles solo songs. This is not a list of their "greatest hits" - I paid no attention to whether.
  7. The solo Beatles appear quite a bit in the book — as it was the year of Band on the Run, Mind Games, Living Read More → Lennon’s Most Underrated Love Song?
  8. The Solo Beatles had 56 Top 10 hits, and a four-record anthology could have been compiled with just those songs, but there were some classics that didn’t make it that high on the chart (Lennon’s “Mind Games” and “Stand By Me,” for example) so the overview was expanded to three volumes.
  9. Jun 28,  · John: 1. Instant Karma 2. Mother 3. Love 4. Working Class Hero 5. Look at Me 6. Imagine 7. Jealous Guy 8. Oh My Love 9. Happy Xmas (War is Over) Mind Games No.9 Dream Stand By Me Woman Watching the Wheels Nobody Told Me Pau.
  10. The Beatles – Helter Skelter The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun The Beatles – Hey Jude John Lennon – Nobody Told Me Ringo Starr – Oh My My Ringo Starr – Only You (And You Alone) Ringo Starr – Photograph The Beatles And Solo: Greatest Hits Collection Banda: The Beatles Ano de Lançamento: Gênero.

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