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I Know,You Know - Cosa Nostra - Our Thing

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  1. You can tell someone else’s copy is good because you can’t stop reading. If it’s really good, you’ll say yes right away. And if it’s truly outstanding, you won’t even realize you needed what the copy’s selling — but now you don’t know how you ever lived without it! No one is .
  2. Dec 23,  · Cosa Nostra translates to “our thing” - a great way to describe this awesome Italian food place. It has become our go to restaurant for pizza, pasta, and really fresh salads and lighter fare as well. People here are wonderful! Very friendly and accommodating.5/5(22).
  3. Apr 18,  · To men of honour belonging to the organization, there is no need to name it. Mafiosi introduce known members to other known members as belonging to "cosa nostra" (our thing) or la stessa cosa (the same thing/the common thing). Only the outside world needs a name to describe it, hence the capitalized form "Cosa Nostra".
  4. Let us know how you’re doing Where are the crazy guys, the rebels? Let us know how you’re doing. Chorus (Soolking): Hey yayi, I won’t forget you like Sosa Hey yayi, Cosa Nostra Hey yayin, their death threats, are like water Hey yayi, things won’t go that way No, no, no, no, no, no The only thing they have are the words, words, words.
  5. Jun 22,  · The first document that refers to a "mafia gang", to describe the brotherhoods involved in criminal activities, signed by the prosecutor of the Grand Criminal Court of Trapani, dates back to The term mafia, however, has become a common expre.
  6. Jan 18,  · Non so che cosa fare in Italian means "I don't know what to do" in English. "Our thing" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase cosa nostra. The feminine singular noun and adjective.
  7. cosa nostra(コーザ・ノストラ)は日本のポップ ユニットである。 渋谷系に属する。年結成。年トイズファクトリーよりメジャーデビュー。 年smeレコーズに移籍。 現在は、イン ジャンル: J-POP, 渋谷系.
  8. TIL: Cosa Nostra (The Sicilian Mafia) never refers to itself as "The Sicilian Mafia" but rather "Our Thing".
  9. La Cosa Nostra originally hailed from Sicily, Italy. Our name wasn’t given to us, we chose it. La Cosa Nostra translated in to English means ‘Our thing’ and we are proud of our heritage and believe that loyalty and values matter above everything else.
  10. Hailed in Italy as the best book ever written about the mafia in any language, Cosa Nostra is a fascinating, violent, and darkly comic account that reads like fiction and takes us deep into the inner sanctum of this secret society where few have dared to oldies.granigdagatiussamujinn.infoinfo this gripping history of the Sicilian mafia, John Dickie uses startling new research to reveal the inner/5.

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